Updated Sunday, May 31, 2015 03:49 AM IST
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Keep a puppy and fight cancer! 
Washington: The unconditional and unflinching love dogs shower on humans might be useful in curing various ailments including cancer, said a study.A new research titled 'Canines and Childhood Cancer Study (CCC) investigated the impacts of...
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Google Glass celebrates Mother's Day!
New York: As the world prepares to celebrate Mother's Day Sunday, a...
2k-yr-old ice holds clues to climate change?
Sydney: Polar scientists who retrieved ice samples from the Antarctic...
Touch screen, not a child's play
New York: If you have substituted story books for your toddler with...
Method to predict volcanic eruptions coming soon
London: Preventing disasters from volcanic eruption could soon be...
Our kids be forgiven
New York: In a study conducted on more than 300 10-13 years old...
World's first foldable smartphone is here!
Toronto: Scientists have developed the world's first foldable...
Microchip that would make your PC work like human brain!
New York: Distressed at the slow speed of your personal computer?...
What if bacteria from Earth invade Mars?
Washington: This can well be an interesting plot to make a sci-fi movie. As the scientific community gears up...
$1500 Google Glass actually a $80 device?
California: Looking forward to spend $1,500 (Rs.90,000) to buy your...
Now, cherry juice for better sleep-study
New York: Throw away your sleeping pills! Drinking a glass of sour...
First solar 'sibling' discovered
Washington: Scientists have identified the first "sibling" of the Sun...
There's a Spiderman in all of us!
London: There's a 'Spiderman' in all of us! Researchers have for the...
A new technique to rescue air-crash victims
Gandhinagar:In the light of the mysterious disappearance of MH370,...
The new photovoltaic boom
Washington: Scientists have developed a new environment-friendly...
Now, Amar Chitra Katha tells stories via app
New Delhi: People can now read comics on personalities such as Akbar,...
'Fakebook' accounts higher in India
Hyderabad: Social networking site Facebook said the website may have...
Smart phones in toddler's hand a strict no-no
New York: Before handing over smart phone to your toddler, kindly note that cell phone use may make your kid...
Deadly MERS virus case reported again
Washington: The US on Friday reported another case of the deadly...
Now brew your tea at 78k!
New York: Bkon the new tea machine brews a perfect cup of tea every...
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